Worship Team

Worship is one of the most vital ministries at Victory Church. Worship is our highest call as human beings. As we learn to worship the one true God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - giving Him the glory He deserves - we begin to discover God's purposes for our life, and His presence fills our hearts and minds, bringing to us His love, peace, power and joy! In the Bible, music and singing are the most common avenues of worshipping God. This is especially seen in reading through the book of Psalms.

The Worship Team at Victory Church leads people into worship and into the presence of God in many services. There are multiple areas and age groups that leading in worship is needed, such as the nursery, K-6 grade, teens, and our main weekend services. You do not need to be professionally trained to be on the Worship Team at Victory. We do have tryouts, and a certain level of skill is necessary, but the most important thing is a love for God and a worshipping heart!

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