Production - Sound

Today the proper use of technology is very important for a church to effectively communicate its message. Audio is a big part of that as it allows our worship times and the spoken word to be communicate clearly to those coming to Victory Church to learn and hear about God.

We do this through the proper use of a mixing board, amplifiers, microphones, and all sorts of supporting equipment. Currently at Victory, we do this entirely through trained volunteers. In many ways it is like an "art", or playing an "instrument", we want to get the best and most pleasant "sound" to the people possible. Two aspects are helpful for this ministry - an interest in the technical aspects of sound and sound equipment, and also an "ear" and desire to blend the various sources into a great audio mix. If you have the desire and a few raw talents, we can train you from there!

If you're interested in helping one of our ministries, your next step is Growth Track!