Rolando & Holly Herrera

Started working full-time in the ministry in October of 2001. They believed that God had something special in store for their lives. They have been serving together as missionaries for twelve years now and God continues to confirm the call on their lives.

Rolando and Holly Herrera continue working together as missionaries in Costa Rica, Central America and the Caribbean. Years ago, God had placed the nation of Chile on their hearts. Now they feel that it is time to visit and see what is the plan that God has for this nation.

Mission of Hope is a ministry that loves people. That is why our focus is on helping people, physically and spiritually. With partners and people like you we are able to:

  • Coordinate mission trips to Central America and the Caribbean.
  • Host short term mission trips (Costa Rica).
  • Coordinate medical outreaches in Central America.
  • Serving as translators for pastors and ministers.
  • Building a Church in the Talamanca Mountains, (South of Costa Rica) for the Cabecar and Bribris Indigenes.
  • Feed and minister to the homeless and kids in different areas of Costa Rica with the Mission of Hope Bus.
  • Prison Outreach in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala and Puerto Rico, where hygiene packs were distributed, preached to thousands the “Good News” and thousands of souls were reached for Jesus.
  • Ministering to the youth; they have seen many young people's lives touched and forever changed; now they are following Jesus.

Rolando and Holly’s vision is to help expand the evangelism throughout the World, visit undesirable areas and bringing them the good news of Jesus Christ; feed the children who are hungry for food and love, also take HOPE to those who are without hope.

If you want to be a partner or want more information about us contact us at