Threes and Fours

Inspiring your children’s learning at this important time in their life is our number one priority. Your preschooler is entering a whole new world. Our preschool program, through project construct introduces math, cognitive, science, writing, fine and gross motor skills along with social and self help skills in a positive playful environment. Our program will encourage your children to explore and learn by doing. We will provide hands on experiences that challenge your children to learn while making friends and developing and building a strong self-esteem

Our teacher’s will provide an environment where children can use their creativity on a daily basis. They will give each child plenty of one-on-one attention to help with individual needs. Our staff seeks to weave a thread of God’s hand through all that we do. Your child will experience God’s love through daily bible stories and activities. We strive to keep open lines of communication so that you are informed of all the exciting things happening in your preschooler’s life.