Project Construct

In a Project Construct classroom, each child is valued and respected, both as a learner and a person. Educators using Project Construct support children’s development as individuals, as learners, and as members of a classroom community. Along with a thorough understanding of curriculum (what children need to know and be able to do at each grade level), teachers in Project Construct classrooms:

  • Use students’ interests to motivate and engage them in learning,
  • Encourage children to collaborate and work together,
  • Allow children to take initiative, express opinions, and make choices,
  • Assess children’s thinking, as well as their work, in order to teach more effectively.

Project Construct teachers also believe that the classroom environment is an important tool for helping children learn Room arrangements and daily schedules, while carefully designed, are flexible. Student work is displayed everywhere, signaling to students that the room belongs to them. There are tables for children to work together in groups and individual spaces for independent work. Ultimately, however, each Project Construct classroom is unique and designed to meet the changing needs of its students and teachers.

While Project Construct teachers each have their own ways of involving students in the subject matter, you can be sure of one thing; they all believe that high expectations and rich learning environments challenge students to reach their maximum potential.