This is a critical time for your children as they start off on an adventure of a lifetime of learning. Our program promotes independence while preparing your child for kindergarten. We will help your child adapt to a more structured environment that will make the transition to kindergarten smoother. Throughout the year your child will be introduced to letter recognition, number recognition 1-20, shape and color recognition. They will also begin working on their address, phone number, and birth date. By the end of the school year, it is our goal that each child will have an advantage by being introduced to these items that will make their kindergarten experience a positive one. Each class will have circle times which aid in developing their listening skills. Through project construct your child will learn all the basics that are needed to enter kindergarten successfully.

Our teacher’s will help your child develop independent learning skills with their hands on experience. Our teacher’s are passionate about what they do. We consider it a blessing that you share your child with us during this important time of your child’s life.