Mission Statement

Victory Children’s Center exists as a ministry of Victory Church of Pevely, Missouri. It is an extension of the home for the purpose of educating the whole child-spirit, mind and body. We believe children are a gift from God and should be provided a place where they feel loved and secure when away from home. Our staff is committed to providing that kind of environment, nurturing each child according to his or her needs This is best accomplished in classrooms where Christian principles are taught. We are educating children for eternity and therefore, adhere to high spiritual, educational, and social standards as set forth in God’s Word.

We also desire to see the children grow academically, so our program follows Project Construct guidelines. Project Construct is process-related curriculum based on the premise that children grow and obtain knowledge through interaction with adults, other children, and their environment. We fill our day with learning through play and communication. The children receive varied perspectives by participating in creative learning during preschool.

The children exercise their minds and bodies experimenting, discovering, building, and creating. We encourage them to develop a desire to discover that will last throughout their school years and beyond. Our preschool program provides a foundation for a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom.

Teachers guide and facilitate this growth by providing needed motivation, praise, and redirection. The environment is structured so that children are successful. God wants all of us to succeed. Victory teachers are sensitive to the world of the young child. Through this world together; we’ll open new doors of imagination, learning, and friendships.

We consider Preschool an added measure of creative learning. The children enjoy praise and worship, musical exploration, crafts, baking, object lessons and drama. Teachers also work with the children to give them knowledge of the Bible, relationships and obedience. We believe that small children can begin to learn to make wise choices, and we’re blessed to be able to assist them in their decisions.

We want to encourage you, as parents, to be actively involved in our program. We believe that parents are a vital part of our program. Our program is established to offer families (not just the children) a learning, as well as a loving, environment.