Setting the foundation for your child in the earliest stages of life is one of the most important things that you could do for them. We at Victory are committed to doing just that. Our staff will love and nurture your child to ensure that their transition from home goes smoothly. We will work closely with you the parents to keep your child on the schedule that works best for you. Our qualified staff has years of experience. We all believe that each child is truly a blessing from God and we treat them as that. We are dedicated to each child individually and are committed to creating a strong bond so that your child gets the best start in life (we feel that trust is very important between child and caregiver so we work on establishing that immediately). In your child’s first year he/she will go through many developmental changes. They go from complete dependency, to developing language, mobility, and having complex thought patterns. Our staff works on each stage of development. We have daily lesson plans, stories, songs, age appropriate toys and activities that will help your baby complete the developmental stages they are in.